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Newborn Care Specialist Professional Training

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Welcome to the next course in the series to become a certified newborn care specialist: 

10-hour course  

Professionalism is vital when it comes to being a newborn care specialist. You are often the family's first contact with outside postpartum support and set the tone for their entire experience.

As such, it is essential always to be professional and maintain a clear head, no matter the situation. Additionally, being a newborn care specialist requires excellent knowledge and expertise. It would be best to handle everything confidently, from feeding and diapering to soothing fussy babies and dealing with sleep deprivation.

Thankfully, this course will teach you everything you need to know to be a fantastic newborn care specialist. You'll get a clear and detailed guide on what it takes for success, which experts in their field have proved!

The course below is HOW TO WORK AS A NCS... Not your typical training.


  • How do you talk to parents?
  • Instructing parents on the job.
  • Leave detailed instructions/notes each night.
  • What does coaching teach parents about YOU?
  • Discussing with parents how they would like us to interact with the family
  • Why is it important to ask permission?
  • Don't get too close to family members.


  • What is YOUR Focus?
  • How to Coach Staff
  • Making adjustments on the job
  • Write detailed instructions for staff.
  • Stress or not to stress & when should you QUIT
  • How to coach clients virtually 


  • How to work with Multiples
  • How to feed twins together (bottle)
  • Triplets-feeding at the same time.
  • Gaining weight
  • Swaddling
  • Detailed Nursery setup.
  • Daily Routine
  • Multiples and sleep


  • Liability 
  • ABC of Sleep
  • How to talk to your clients about safe sleep
  • Lactation and sleep
  • How to coach clients that want to pump
  • Be encouraging
  • How to successfully support clients with nursing
  • When lactation problems arise
  • Nursing-best nutrition suggestions


  • Wake windows & sleep pressure
  • Definition of Cry's 
  • Birth and beyond weekly expectations
  • Establishing playtime/tummy time
  • How to establish a daily routine, AKA naps, and feedings
  • Why adjust the baby's head position?


  • Growth signs
  • Summer's Sleep Secrets NEWBORN method
  • Sleep expectation week 1
  • Sleep 2-4 weeks old
  • Sleep 5-6 weeks old
  • Sleep 7-8 weeks old
  • Sleep disruptions
  • Reflux and colic symptoms 


  • Sleep expectations
  • Sleep 9-10 weeks
  • Sleep 11-12 weeks
  • Sleep 13-14 weeks
  • Sleep 15-16 weeks
  • No more swaddle
  • Parents holding the NCS back


  • How to plan for 24/7 jobs
  • Parents' expectations vs. NCS expectations
  • What do you need to travel?
  • Working with AGENCIES
  • Marketing yourself for success
  • Pay- What is reasonable for everyone
  • Mental Preparation
  • Example of what a 24-hour day looks like


  • Networking
  • The KEY to Success- 35 skills successful people follow
  • Building a good reputation
  • Fulfilling contracts and not FLAKING OUT
  • Find the clients that best FIT you
  • Newborn Care Specialist ETHICS


  • Covering issues that may come up on a job
  • Troubleshooting support
  • Clients Not Happy
  • Self-Care - Exhaustion
  • Client changes their minds

Includes Certificate of completion. If you want to be certified and become a holistic health practitioner, complete all assignments and associate courses.